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U.S. media: Chinese mistakenly think that the U.S. presidential election as a "house of cards" Hilary data figure original title: U.S. media attention Chinese view of beauty: think like "election" house of cards that tour Dragon said, the biggest misunderstanding is too many Chinese to "house of cards" seriously, even in the eyes of the Americans. American politics is very complicated. For many Chinese people, it is really confusing, so people want to take shortcuts. Reference News Network September 30th reported that the U.S. media said that the United States Election Day approaching, the Chinese people increasingly concerned about their presidential election. According to the "New York Times" website reported on September 28th, the United States last year, Dr. law student at Arizona State University Tianlong tour together with others for Chinese city young people started a "· beauty" (meaning "election"). It is estimated that 70 thousand people listen to this podcast every month. In an interview, he explained that Chinese people are increasingly interested in the U.S. presidential election, but it is not very clear. "New York Times": the Chinese political process in the United States have what misunderstanding? I think the biggest misconception is that many Chinese people too "card house" seriously. Even in the eyes of Americans, American politics is complicated. For many Chinese people, it is really confusing, so people want to take shortcuts. The "house of cards" seems to be especially true to them, so they have a little bit of an impression of American politics. I think a lot of Chinese people, rather than in the real observation of American politics, rather than with their own prejudices against American politics. Q: do Chinese people know more about the US presidential election than they did four or eight years ago? A: we have access to more information than four or eight years ago. Hundreds of millions of Chinese have been to the United states. We have strong Internet and social media. But American politics is complicated. To understand it, we should understand the sequence of events, and many Chinese do. Q: what do you think of the comments on the podcast in the social media that reflect the political views of the Chinese people? A: it is clear that the Chinese people have different political views. But I have noticed that there are many people in our audience who openly express their views on the nationalist position, and they look at how the United States election is best for china. Q: did your Chinese audience have a better understanding of presidential politics and the American political system in the election process, and whether their cynicism is stronger or weaker? Answer: it is hard to say. From the posts of some of Trump’s supporters in our accounts, they are obviously angry, but I can’t tell how big they are. But I want to say, it seems that 2016 is the starting point for the Chinese people really interested in the u.s.. China’s growing middle class, more overseas experience, and more convenient access to information, which have contributed to the interests of the past. Q: you say many people in China seem to like Trump. But he attacked China and threatened to impose high tariffs on trade issues, a hard line on immigration, and a ban on ethnic minorities相关的主题文章: