Understanding The Growth In Sales Of Two Wheelers In India-diying

Motorcycles Over the years, India has been developing at a rapid pace. As a result of this growth, the standard of living of the .mon people has risen. Goods that were considered to be luxuries at one point of time are now basic necessaries, which people cannot imagine their lives without. The country has one of the largest populations in the world and it goes without saying, that the quantity, in which goods are demanded in India, is unimaginable. Thus, it is emerging as a huge market for both foreign and domestic producers. The automobile industry in particular, has been growing very quickly. It has steadily recorded a good amount of profits, in spite of the fluctuations that have been taking over the market. With the prices of petrol constantly on the rise, a number of people are choose to opt for two wheelers rather than purchasing a fuel guzzling car. The industry has been growing at an incredible pace in the recent past, which is why FY-13 is considered to be a slow year, in spite of the 2.9% growth it has already recorded. This percentage translates to a figure of 13.8 million units. Two wheeled motor vehicles can be classified into two categories, scooters or mopeds that do not have a gear or geared motor cycles. Both can be used to get from point A, to point Band are extremely useful when it .es to weaving through traffic, in a crowded city. There are two kinds of people who look to buy bikes. The first is the more traditional mind set, where to buyer will go for the vehicle that gives him the best possible mileage. This is to ensure that the least possible amount is spent on fuel. On the other hand, a number of younger people are opting for bikes, nowadays. This generation prefers something more, flashy that has a number of great features. Hence, you will see people opting for high horse-power bikes that are quick but not very efficient when it .es to fuel. These bikes have revving engines and a number of features that will attract the younger generation and will reel them in, almost immediately. These are a great option for joy rides along the country side but my not be the best option when it .es to economic living. At the end of the day it all .es down to the person who is making the purchase and the reason why he is buying a vehicle. It is important to take the additional costs like the costs of repairs and maintenance into consideration before making a purchase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: