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Security Due to the rapid growth of online fraud including identity theft and phishing sites it is essential that business’ today buy ssl certificate for their websites. Online fraudsters are now using the latest technological advancements to infiltrate websites on the database level allowing them to access customer information that should be fully protected. No business would want their customers to have their information stolen, but the fact remains it happens every day to company websites. Once a customer has their information stolen from an ecommerce website, they will be very likely to blame the website they ordered from as the culprit even if it wasn’t the ecommerce stores’ fault. They will also be much more likely to write a review about an ecommerce website on scam report and fraud websites. This can cause other potential customers to see fraud warnings and not order from an ecommerce website. The cause of all this headache could be avoided however if the ecommerce website decided to buy ssl certificate for their website. It is very easy to buy an ssl certificate because most hosting companies offer them for very affordable prices. Most hosting companies will also install the SSL into the domain automatically for an ecommerce website so the owner doesn’t even have to deal with any technological issues. Customers have become very nervous about shopping online due to all the reports that are constantly coming out about online fraud. For this reason, some customers will only order from an ecommerce website if they have an SSL certificate and other security certifications in place. It only takes getting a customer’s information stolen once for an ecommerce site to get a bad reputation. That reputation often can’t be fixed because scam reports and fraud reports found online usually can’t be deleted ever. That means any potential customers that an ecommerce website could have will be taken away because a fraud report is displayed next to its name. Protecting customer information should be the responsibility of a website because the customer has no control over the website. SSL certificates are also very affordable so there is no reason why an ecommerce website should not have one. When a customer sees that a website has an SSL certificate, they may actually be more prone to buy something because they won’t have to worry about their information being stolen by an online fraudster. Getting an SSL certificate may be just the thing an ecommerce site needs to take it to the next level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: