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Internet-Marketing Variables for wealth creations-The roles of internet By Adeshola Afolabi The major variable for creating your wealth is You. Just like me, you were not born with some millions working and waiting in the bank for you to clock 18. Neither were you born with a last name that could open doors of influence, power and opportunities. We share the reality of challenging the burden of today to create endurable wealth that we can enjoy today and pass on to our coming generations. The choice between maintaining the status quo and pass it on as received or becoming a pacesetter in creating abundant wealth and abundant opportunities for your descendants depends on the decision you make today. The question that typically arises in this line of thought is asking yourself what else you could do after years of college education, steady job, professional titles, job security, and an assured pension. The aforementioned self improvement efforts are captivating and deserve commendation accordingly. However, qualitative education is meant to be a means to an end and not the end itself. Education is designed to make you enlighten and be able to see through the curtain and beyond. The only way to create wealth for yourself is through your own efforts. There is a limit to your progress with the mentality of working for others as your employers determine your worth and set a benchmark on your aspiration and achievement. Salaries, no matter how big or fat, are design to enslave you into employee"s mentality and it is meant to pay your bills whereas the possibilities inherent in being your own boss are endless and ever evolving. Thomas Edison, a man who commercialized electricity with more than 100 patents to his name, once offered a sum of one million dollars to his son if he would quit college. For Edison, college education was a waste of time as it feeds you with employee mentality. How do you create this wealth or open this door of opportunities? For our generation, many doors had been locked, with the edges wedged and keys shared between fortunate few, long before we were born. For example, it is challenging to carve a name for oneself in the automobile industry that would surpass the pacesetting efforts and advantage of Ford and Daimler Benz families. Many doors are however still wide open. It is left for you to either jump on the wagon and carved a niche for yourself, your children and their offspring or remain applauding or wailing from the side line. Bill Gates of Microsoft, Ted Turner of CNN, Russell Simons of music industry symbolize possibilities for those that are determined to go the extra mile in the world we live today. Internet has become the hub and melting point of possibilities and opportunities for our fortunate generations. It is not surprising that this medium is equally shrouded in myth, deceit and doubt. However, people that have what it takes to see through the faade and overcome all odds are making it and changing their lives via internet marketing accordingly. Do you know if you have what it takes? How far would you go to get the task done for your employer with a promise of a raise? How far you would strive, endure to do same for yourself? Do not hesitate or miss this opportunity to carve a niche and create wealth for yourself, your children and their children. You should endeavor to challenge and query your myth and impossibility mentality by taking a decision today. You can never know how salty a soup is until you taste it. If you do not challenge yourself and remain cautioned by your doubt, you risk restricting yourself to the shadow of darkness without knowing the limit of your capabilities and full potential. If you have a lottery mentality, internet marketing is not for you and you will be far better off waiting for your miracle to happen. Success in this business is only guaranteed with your inputs and consistent efforts. Nobody achieves meaningful success without active efforts, thus the act of creating wealth for oneself via internet is not an exception. This is a word of advice based on personal experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: