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Customer Service This story takes place in an independent tanning salon. It begins when a woman walks into thesalon after work one day and purchases a membership for herself. Everythings fine and normal, right? It is, until the woman goes to use her recently purchased membership, since beach season is just around the corner, but is toldby the employee of a brand new company policy that bans customers over 230 pounds from using their beds. First of all, blindly calling your customers fat without putting a scale out to verify your claims is rude. Second of all, dont ever call your customers fat – theres a thought. The customer then did what anyof us would do and asked for a refund. The employee then decided to inform the customer that it is also the policy of the salon to never issue refunds. If you want to destroy customer loyalty, then I hope youre taking notes because this is how you do it. Not only did they insult the customer, they basically told her where to stick it with their no refund even though we stole your money policies. Who in their right mind expects to stay in business when they treat the people giving them money to do their jobs like road kill? Thats certainly not how we do business here at Loyaltyworks. The customer had the good sense to report the business to the local media. But the manager held firm and told them She wants her money back? Maybe she can get her credit issuer to stop the payment. The manager and his entire company need to get their priorities straight. They need to assign actual value to customer loyalty, and they need to include that in their mission and value statements. Bad customer service leads to low customer loyalty rates and customer turnover business worst enemy. Here at Loyaltyworks , we believe that if you want to show your employees that customer loyalty is the top priorityof your business, you should try launching an employee recognition incentive program with an emphasis on customer service, or a customer loyalty incentive program, which rewards your customers for continuing to do business with and remaining loyal to you. Both have the effect of enhancing your business and of making your future much brighter. If youd like to know more about how a customer loyalty incentive program or an employee recognition incentive program can help you avoid this type of nightmare in your workplace, call Loyaltyworks at 1-800-844-5000. Wed love to give you a free demo of our capabilities, and to show show you why a recent survey of our customers gave us a 95% excellent rating. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: