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Computers-and-Technology From being a largely unknown electronic product around 10 years ago, the electronic cigarette starter kit has grown tremendously popular among smokers around the world. There are now hundreds of online sites dedicated to the dissemination, review, and sale of electronic cigarette starter kits, accessories, and e-liquid. The reason is not too difficult to imagine. Smoking as a habit has seen its heyday and is in its waning stage. Undeniably, the main factor that erodes its popularity is the high degree of damage smoking wreaks on human health. Countless research and statistics have already discredited purported benefits of smoking. Instead, the terrible side effects of smoking have been brought to the spotlight such that government legislation around the world are now actively restricting the use of tobacco products with the aim of protecting the health of citizens. Whether through prohibitive taxation that strongly penalizes the manufacture, importation and exportation, and the subsequent sale of tobacco products or through regulations that require tobacco companies to display clear warning labels on their product packaging, it is only a matter of years that smoking as we know it will cease to become as widespread as it is right now. More and more governments are also implementing zoning protocols that make it illegal to smoke in most public places. In 2003, the electronic cigarette was introduced to the market and has since gained remarkable acceptance in many areas around the world. The reason is that the electronic cigarette starter kit enables smokers to virtually continue with their habit but without causing damage to their health or those of the people around them. The electronic cigarette starter kit was designed to provide the same experience, feel, and taste as with regular tobacco-based cigarettes. However, while tobacco cigarettes contain or produce dozens of chemicals that cause extreme damage to people’s health, the electronic cigarette starter kit only involves clean vapor that does not pose any harm to people and the environment. The secret lies with the substance called an e-liquid. The e-liquid corresponds to the tobacco in cigarettes in that the e-liquid provides the feel and flavor of "smoking." In traditional smoking, the lit cigarette burns tobacco in order to produce the well-known rush, feel, and taste for the smoker. The burning process causes the release of dangerous toxins as well as poisonous pollutants like carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. On the other hand, the e-liquid in an electronic cigarette starter kit is only heated by a battery-powered component called an atomizer. When the e-liquid is heated, it becomes vapor. Unlike smoke from tobacco products, the vapor from an e-liquid is completely safe; being composed mainly of just pure water and substances that are commonly used in foodstuffs such as candies and cakes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: