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UnCategorized Wood is one of the oldest building materials made use of by man just like he used stone and sand. It is a major player in the agricultural and industrial revolution as an all-important resource for fuel, and building materials that speeded man’s passage into the 21st century. But isn’t it ironic we who fill our houses with wooden furniture pay little attention to renewal of its depleting resources, in spite of it being a renewable, long term and advantageous resource. From the furniture we sit and surround our selves with, to the blinds that decorate our windows, wood has a special place in our life that we are consciously and subconsciously aware of. The timeless warmth of nature displays itself through the wood that we decorate our houses with though a nature conservationist would have another story to tell. Besides its assurance of longevity, wood based products are durable and very resistant to daily wear and tear conditions. In spite of the discovery of a lot of other natural occurring and synthetically created materials that we make use of in our daily life, our fascination and obsession for wood has not died and it still remains one of the favorite choices for interior decoration. When it .es to window decoration, wood blinds, though .paratively expensive scores high on the preference list of customers due to is aesthetic and practical values over other materials. These blinds may be made of bamboo, reeds, and from some of the lightest but durable natural woods. An equally viable alternative is faux wood blinds made of synthetic materials that mimics wood and can be made use of in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Natural wood blinds have a tendency to absorb moisture and turn damp when exposed to moisture over extended periods, but dry wood blinds do not display dry rot or any other form of decay. Unlike faux blinds or other man-made materials, natural wood blinds can hold warmth and spread the warmth around. One advantage of using wooden blinds is that you can have .plete privacy or even darken a room .pletely, which might not be possible with transparent vinyl. Also wooden blinds can deal with sea air conditions better than some metal based blinds. As some high end wood blinds are hand crafted there is more attention to details and would be pricier than the others. What sets wooden blinds apart from other materials is it creates a naturalist look to any urban space making you feel closer to nature even when you are a few floors above the ground. Though .paratively expensive, wooden blinds will last longer with minimum care, vacuuming or damp mopping routinely is all it takes to keep them clean. Bring the unique warmth and beauty of natural timber to your windows with wood blinds! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: