Xu Changming from quantitative to qualitative change of local brands second times into the fast lane bloxorz

Xu Changming: from quantitative to qualitative change of local brands second times into the development trend of China automobile industry development of the fast lane? Multinational car companies to deal with the attitude of Chinese business has changed? In October 25th, the third session of the global Chinese automobile joint conference and the "elite Chinese embracing the world automobile industry innovation forum, director of the state information center, information resources development department Xu Changming (see figures in the latest news) for this topic made a special report. Xu Changming believes that the development of China’s automobile industry has three main characteristics. First, the extreme importance of Chinese based on market, multinational enterprises are and will continue to expand to China business; second, local manufacturers in a difficult environment and highly open products quickly upgrade, play their respective advantages actively, to achieve a substantial increase competitiveness; thirdly, internationalization is an important path to further development of local brands. Xu Changming shared data show that in 2000 2010, the independent brand showing a trend of rapid development, with an annual increase of up to 38%, and from 2010 to 2014, the development of independent brands is lower than the average market growth, an annual increase of only 8.2%. Since last year, second times the development of independent brands into the fast lane, an average annual increase of up to 26%." According to Xu Changming introduced this year, the number of independent brand cars accounted for about 1/3 of the overall market, compared with the past has been greatly improved. It is due to the independent brand dislocation competition strategy, enter the low-cost SUV market; actively explore the development path suited to their own characteristics; solid products; sensory quality and performance have great progress, greatly enhance the capacity of goods and other reasons, to regain competitiveness. In the eyes of Xu Changming, "the independent and joint venture competition has also undergone significant changes: from quantitative to qualitative change."相关的主题文章: