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Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan: Feng Shui excellent Resort – Sohu tourism Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel is a resort style luxury hotel, the overall size is very large. For the time being, the hotel is the largest hotel group in the whole country. From the big distance can be seen from this building with row upon row of European style buildings. On the whole, a high-end, the atmosphere and the luxury of luxury resorts in the sense of this show in front of us. Professional real estate business to do the hotel will be better than the professional hotel, why? Because the real estate business know human settlements which design the best, for actual combat experience can be described as Feng Shui is the road which is skilled, to ensure the hotel environment is very flat and the aura of yin and Yang of the. Look at the appearance of the hotel will know, go to the hotel entrance is more like a luxury European style villas rather than hotels. Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel is a luxury hotel with holiday style, the overall size is very large. For the time being, the hotel is the largest hotel group in the whole country. At the time of the night, such a high-end momentum seems more obvious. The entrance of the hotel lobby shows a very noble and atmosphere of the scene, walking in the spacious and comfortable environment in front of the door will leave you a good impression of the first time. On the hilltop overlooking the hotel is the door of the hotel, the overall environment is very good, especially with the European style architectural style is more remarkable. For now, Hunan Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel is the largest hotel group of the whole country garden. There are thousands of sets of rooms, is not a large scale? Fengshui is not only a natural phenomenon, but also a close relationship with people’s psychology. Sometimes good feng shui is also likely to be damaged by a bad state of mind, the same bad feng shui environment is more likely to be a good state of mind to change. "Exit your turn, phase from the heart" as to. The first hotel geomantic environment is very good, on the one hand is the front of the hotel has a spacious and bright hall said space is open, this environment of circulation and metabolism of the whole air will have a very good condition. This spacious front space as the body of a healthy lungs, fresh air suction within the body but also the body adverse aggregate shoot in vitro. The hotel building hall is equivalent to the magnetic field on the building is not conducive to unfavorable eduction, and high quality magnetic field or a positive energy absorption to the building to benefit from superior to inferior. The second is behind the hotel building is the towering mountains of Wulingyuan, tall mountains as patron or the help of others have expressed strong backing for relying on in Feng shui. This is really like image of it, anyway, this symbol sounds very mysterious, in fact for thousands of years is very effective, it is enough to prove that no scientific experiments verify the traditional is not necessarily violate the laws of nature. Finally, the front of the hotel is not a straight line, but the way the curve was built. Before the road design this mountain.相关的主题文章: